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Diego Bucchieri "THE BUTCHER"

 04/20/09 - 04/21/09

Diego Bucchieri is known to many people around the globe for his will to kill on a skateboard.  What some people don't know, is that he has the power to kill behind a lens.  I have interviewed Diego "The Butcher" Bucchieri to learn about his love for photography and skateboarding.  From this love, comes Diego's term, "Skatography".  Sit back and read as your heart and brain are lightened by the ride. 

An Interview with Diego Bucchieri

"I would choose Skatography" 

By Daniel Torres

Photo courtesy of


1.     So Diego, around what point in your life did you begin to develop a passion for photography and what inspired you?


"I started shooting photos when I was around 18 years old. My dad was always into photography, so I kind of grew up with that around me. "


2.     What kind of cameras did you start out using?


"An old Canon. I can't remember exactly what model was, an Ae-1 maybe."


3.     As time passed what kept you interested in photography?


"Well, I was studying graphic design in college, and I had a photography class that I really liked, so I took an extra b&w photography class. They showed me how to develop and print and that was just amazing to me, so I got really interested in B&W photography, and that was all I wanted to shoot for a while."


4.     What led you to pursue skateboarding as your “major” career rather than just doing photography?


"Photography was more like a hobby to me, all I wanted to do was skate, and my dream to become a professional skateboarder was a priority."


5.     I understand that you grew up with your dad who also took pictures, did have to save up your own money for your first camera, how much did it cost and how much was it?


"Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was 17, so I kept his camera and I was shooting with it for a along time. Then after breaking and fixing it a few times, I decided to get a new one. I still have it, even though it doesn't work.My next camera was a Nikon FM-2 with a 50mm lense, I bought it for about 400 dollars."


6.     What exactly is Skatography?


"As years went by, photography became a bigger part of my life, specially while traveling with my skateboard. I felt like I needed to document all my travels, and show my friends and family the way I was seeing things as good as possible, so I was trying to shoot as much photos as I could. I had my Nikon with B&W film and an point and shoot with color film.

So now after all this years of doing both combined, skatebording and photography, the passion for both is the same. That's Skatography, the combination of the two thing I like to do the most." 


7.     Have any of your photos ever been published? For the Toy Machine ads?


"I've had a bunch of photos published already in Slap, Thrasher, Kingpin(Europe), Concrete(Canada), La Tabla(Chile), Buenos Muchachos(Argentina), Gravedad Zero(Argentina) and a few ads, but never a Toy Machine one."


8.     Do you prefer taking certain types of shots?


"Yes, specially for skate photos. I rather shoot a cool looking spot and from a different angle, than just a gnarly trick long lens. Sometime you have to do it, because there are no other options, but I love to include all the elements around the skater as well as part of the photo."


9.Do you use different cameras for different shots? Why?


"With the years, I bought different cameras and lenses.

My favorite is my Hasselblad X-pan. The panoramic framing allows me to get more creative, but It doesn't always work.

I bought a Nikon D300, my first digital SRL and I'm really happy with it. I know a lot of people that hate the whole digital era, but for skateboarding it's so much more convenient, and specially having the option of shooting sequences."


10.If you had to choose between skateboarding and photography which one would you go with? Why?


"I would choose Skatography."


11.How would you say that your photography differs from anyone else’s if it does?


"I'm not sure if it does, I'm not really thinking about that when I shoot a photo. I do my own thing, trying as good as I can get a photo that represents what I see through my eyes."


12. Other than through your website are you trying to get your photography more accessible for others to see?


"I would love to set up some sort of exhibition at one point. I still feel like I need to learn more and shoot more to be able to have something that I'm happy with."


13.Any advice for people that are looking into taking up photography and or skateboarding as a career?


"Do your own thing, follow your heart, and fight for what you want."



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Thank you Diego Bucchieri, best wishes.

-Daniel Torres


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