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 Unorganized sports allow any individual to truley pour themselves into their passion.  There are no rules, regulations or limitations.  Do your own thing and don't let anyone stop you.  Skateboarding is ours.


"The spirit of skateboarding and what skateboarders stand for is far more important than just the tricks." -David Millan

It's been in the family for quite a while actually, my dad started back in the 70's cruisin' pools.  I guess it's just in the blood.  I grew up skating with my cousins in Montebello. We'd spend our days skating our ally, parking lot, curb, and any other things we could get our hands on like benches, rails, ramps, etc.  Sad to say those pansies gave up on it.

I skate with the Montebello homies all the time at city park (any pros looking at this, hit the park up).  They keep me going.  We are made up of the best.  There is no stopping us. We will tear you a new asshole.

I suggest riding Toy Machine or Creature boards, Anywhere between 8.25 and 8.5. 




 Things didn't go so good for Montebello's "brandomeskies". stay tuned


 on the other hand Hector Gomes



 This is how you tre' bomb a quarter pipe.

Eric Moreno catching mass air live at Baldwin Park.

stay posted....




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(7637 Firestone Blvd. Downey, CA 90241 562-928-3107)

(2616 N Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90031 323-225-1978)

One of my many home away from homes, I.D.S. Boardshop is the most welcoming shop I have ever step foot in.  They understand what we're all about and do their best to keep us up with the latest skatboarding activities and merch.  Thanks I.D.S.!!!

(any shops you want us to give a shout out to? we"ll post on every month, email me


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Song: Ride the Sky

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